Who is ClippedIn?

767b24f4002511e29df022000a1c8832_6Molly Hurford and Frances Morrison

Molly Hurford is the current Managing Editor of Cyclocross Magazine and the author of Mud, Snow and Cyclocross. If you haven’t guessed, cyclocross is kind of her thing. A graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in English and Journalism, she’s written for all sorts of publications from ELLEgirl to Triathlete Magazine, and landed at Cyclocross Magazine two years ago. As an editor and author, writing press releases and knowing what will interest the media is her speciality, and she offers an insider look at the cycling media world. She regularly writes for print and online with Cyclocross Magazine, including her column, The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo, and freelances for publications including The Embrocation Cycling Journal and Dirt Rag.269320_10102277716679399_1789772329_n

A alumna of the Rutgers Cycling Team, she’s helped plan clinics on a large and small scale, and as Jeremy Powers’ “co-pilot” last year, she assisted in planning his Grand FUNdo ride. Lastly, as an ex-fashion journalist and a current regular reviewer for women’s clothing lines, she has a keen insight into women’s cycling clothing and how best to design and promote it.

Currently, Molly travels around the country attending major races and cycling industry events. You can catch her next month out in Las Vegas for Xterra West Championships, then Monterey, CA, for Sea Otter and Prescott, AZ, for the Whiskey 50.

Keep up and find out more on Molly via her website and Twitter.


Frances Morrison is based in Easthampton, Massachusetts, right in the middle of one of the largest, and fastest growing cycling scenes in the country. Frances has spent years working in bike shops, often being the only woman on the entire staff, so she knows retail, and she knows how difficult it can be to be a woman walking into a bike shop  looking for quality service and product.

As the current manager of Northampton Coffee, she spends her time doing the day-to-day tasks to make the shop work. This includes a breadth of skills from Human Resources to pulling the perfect shot of espresso.

She is well versed in managing a small business, and is eager to bring these skills to ClippedIn. Frances has also worked extensively with varying bicycle clinics, clinic design, and as a coach. A racer herself, Frances is one of the top women cyclocrossers in New England, as well as a road and mountain bike racer in the “off-season.”

Read about her racing on her blog and follow her on Twitter.


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