Our Projects


Mountain2Mountain is the non-profit behind Afghan Cycles documentary and the Strength in Numbers camps this summer. ClippedIn has come on board to help the group promote their causes within the cycling industry.

What We Have Done:


We have organized and conducted the following interviews for Afghan Cycles.


We arranged the Afghan Cycles kit donation drive at the RAWRbikes launch party in Boston.


The RAWR Launch in Boston was a huge success! We filled up 3 huge boxes of barely used kit to send over to Afghanistan with the Afghan Cycles documentary. Thanks to everyone who participated!


We are currently running a women’s intro to mountain biking clinic in partnership with a local bike shop. We are doing all the marketing, set-up, and running of this event. To learn more and to sign up, visit our Clinics page. If you are interested in running a clinic in your area, contact us at info@clippedinconsulting.com.

mtb clinic finished version WORDS

Stay tuned for more, including sneak peeks at footage at the Signature Cycles shop in Greenwich, CT and at the Ride Studio Cafe in Boston, MA in early June.


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