We know that the cycling industry is run on passion and dedication, but people involved are often overworked and doing jobs beyond the scope of their expertise, particularly in smaller companies. That’s where we come in.

ClippedIn Consulting’s works with businesses, athletes, products, and organizations that promote women in cycling. We run clinics targeting women, handle PR, and manage events. If you’re looking to target women, we can work with your brand or product to increase that reach. To see an example of our work, you can head to Our Projects  page.


Our goal is to bring together a large network of women within the cycling industry and pool their talents and resources to serve the women’s cycling community. By doing so, we will not only grow interest in the sport, but will provide jobs and opportunities for women, especially racers, who have trouble making ends meat while working in the industry we all love.

What we do:

  • public relations
  • sports management
  • event planning
  • marketing consulting
  • brand consulting
  • retail consulting
  • coaching
  • freelance writing, photography, video, web development, graphic design

Interested in using ClippedIn Consulting for your project, or interested in becoming part of our freelance network? Fill out our form and we’ll be in touch!

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